SmileLoid Productions

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SmileLoid Productions is a group of UTAUs created by Malta. To learn more about the SmileLoids hover your cursor over the SmileLoids button and click any of the subpages of choice.

The SmileLoids are free to use as long as these rules are followed:

  • No altering of the voice beyond recognition. Flags are permitted as long as the vocals can be recognized as a certain utau.
  • Do not claim the rights of creation. They were not created by you, therefore you have no right to make such a claim.
  • You must credit me if you use any of them.
  • Do not use them for commercial use.
  • Do not use any SmileLoids which have not yet been officially released with a concept design and cover uploaded to Youtube by myself unless you get permission from me.
  • Do not illustrate them with outfits that are not their official designs unless it is for a cover.