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Monitane Shisutamu

I'm Sorry For Liking You
Monitane Shisutamu (UTAU)

Name : Monitane Shisutamu

Age : 16

Height : 5'4 ft.

Gender : Female

Too nice for her own good. She is the " mother " of the SmileLoids, always making sure everyone gets along with eachother, fixing their hair when it's out of place, ect. Quite the pushover but knows when to say ' no '. Monitane has a polite speech pattern and often apologizes for things she didn't do. She enjoys things that require a lot of silence such as reading.

"Relative" : Supikane Shisutamu
Best Friend(s) : Supikane Shisutamu, KIRAN, and Yui Uta.

Supikane Shisutamu

Undefined -End of Sorrow-
Supikane Shisutamu (UTAU)

Name : Supikane Shisutamu

Age : 17

Height : 5'7 ft.

Gender : Male

Supikane tries his best to be stoic, but because of his relatively short fuse he tends to become irritated very easlily. His irritation is usually caused by rules being broken or being interrupted. In addition to being easily irritated his feelings are also easily hurt and he will normally seclude himself from others when he is upset. He isn't one to judge you but if given the reasons to he won't hesitate to distance himself. His hobbies include gardening and baking. He is also the one who normally looks after the younger SmileLoids.

"Relatives"  : Monitane Shisutamu
Best Friend (s) : Monitane Shisutamu, Toshi Sasaki, Suzume, and sometimes Arito Toria.

Love Interest: Arito Toria


Cold Hand
Kiran (UTAU)

Name : KIRAN

Age : 17

Height : 6'0 ft.

Gender : Male

Very positive and somewhat naive. He enjoys the company of others over most things and is a natural brotherly figure to the SmileLoids, although he is never taken very seriously so it is difficult for him to assume responsibility over others. He dislikes it when others try to take advantage over his kindness and is easily brought to tears. He is constantly pursued by Arito who tries to kill him every day.

Best Friend ( s ) : Monitane Shisutamu, Joobunane Nouta, and FeiRU.

Fears: Arito Toria

Love Interest: Kagi Shourai