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Joobunane Nouta

Joobunane Nouta (UTAU)

Name : Joobunane Nouta

Nickname (s) : Joobear, JooJoo, Joobie, Joo

Age : 16

Height : 5'4 ft.

Gender : Male

He is fairly brash in nature and has the tendency to swear. He dislikes rules and regulations and tries to break the easiest rules, thinking it will make him a rebel of some sort. Also, he is not very good with emotional things and is the last person to go to for comfort or advice.

Best Friend (s) : KIRAN, Suzume and Yuu Uta.

Love Interest: Yui Uta. (No chance. No way. He won't say he's in rabu rabu.)

Character Item: The star "tattoo" on his left cheek


Suzume (UTAU)

Arito Toria

Name : Suzume

Age : 24

Height : 5'7 ft.

Gender : Female

Very kind and willing to do almost anything for almost anyone. She is fairly absent-minded and tends to call others names such as " dear " or " sweetheart ". Suzume enjoys having lively conversations with others and dislikes being degraded for not being as grounded as most. Her hobbies include crocheting and hairdressing.

Best Friend (s) : Souta Akamane and Monitane Shisutamu.

Character Item: Angel Cake

Cyber Thunder Cider
Arito Toria (UTAU)

Name : Arito Toria

Age : 17

Height : 6'2

Gender : Male / Mabley

Claims to be the epitome of perfection and all that is manly when in truth he is far from perfect and is quite flamboyant, what with his bright and flashy attire and tendency to be flirty with almost anything that moves. He also likes to talk on and on about how "perfect" he is. Although, he boasts and makes a scene of his "perfection" he has a low self-esteem and a brotherly side to him which emerges when someone is in need of someone to talk to. He holds a grudge against KIRAN that is so strong that he is always trying to kill him.

Best Friend ( s ) : Supikane Shisutamu, Moka Amai, and KuriA

Crush(es) : Supikane Shisutamu, KuriA, Moka Amai, and KIRAN (?)
Complicated Relationships: Supikane Shisutamu and KIRAN

Seiki Purane

Name : Seiki Purane

Age : 15.5

Height : 5'3 ft.

Gender : Female

Very self-centered and hates it when others gain more attention than her, but that doesn't mean she thinks she's better than them. She takes pride in her appearance and likes to wear dresses more than anything. She takes interest in fashion, cosmetics and crafts. She admits she isn't the brightest and tries to make up for it by utilizing her skills.

Best Friend ( s ) : Jun Souon

Character Item: Swiss Cheese

Love Interest: KIRAN

Toshi Sasaki

Name : Toshi Sasaki

Age : 14

Height : 5'5 ft.

Gender : Male

Shy and known for his docile nature. He is second closest to Supikane because of his acceptence of Supikane's distant nature. Innocent but level-headed. He likes mint flavoured sweets and dislikes anything sour.

Best Friend ( s ) : Jun Souon and Supikane Shisutamu.

Character Item: Mint flavoured Marshmallows


Name : Kerone 

Age : 9

Height : 4'8

Gender : Female

Playful and full of energy no matter what time it is. 2 AM? She's still running around. 8 PM? She has most likely covered enough area to run five times around anyones home. She loves the idea of being able to fly and constantly pretends to be the pilot of an airplane. She dislikes disturbing movies and is easy to scare.

Best Friend ( s ) : Toshi Sasaki, Jun Souon, and KIRAN.

Character Item: Toy Airplanes