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Name : KuriA

Age : 17

Height : 5'6 ft.

Gender : Female

Always smiling and never fails to scare off almost anyone she comes in contact with. She has yandere qualities but still manages to keep herself out of trouble with the help of her singing partner, FeiRU. She dislikes it when anyone picks on FeiRU and threatens them with the knife she has built into her arm. She has a very high voice which tends to get on people's nerves so she sometimes tries to speak in a lower pitch but that only makes her voice nasally and hard to understand.
When she is angered she wields a blade which is built into her forearm.

Best Friend ( s ) : FeiRU and Arito Toria.


Name : FeiRU

Age : 17

Height : 5'5 ft.

Gender : Male

Prone to crying and constantly has a hint of tears in his eyes due to his overly sensitive emotional state he is constantly in. He is always dragged into KuriA's shenanigains and has to fix everything with little to no help. He has a thing for poetry and likes to give poems to Moka in braille for her to read in her spare time. He dislikes violence and tries his best to be friendly but his quiet voice makes it difficult for others to understand what he is trying to say to them. When he is angered or pushed too far he detaches himself from the world and pursues what made him upset, attacking with metal-jointed spikes which portrude from his back.

Best Friend ( s ) : KuriA, KIRAN, Moka Amai, and Late Amai.