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Moka Amai

Name : Moka Amai

Age : 18

Height : 5'8

Gender : Female

She likes to pretend she can see and is generally nice to everyone she knows, even if she has something against them. She enjoys having lengthly conversations with others and getting to know them. She dislikes being treated like she is less intelligent than others because she resents the truth of being blind.

"Relative" : Late Amai

Best Friend ( s ) : Arito Toria, Late Amai, FeiRU

Late Amai

Name : Late Amai

Age : 18

Height : 5'10

Gender : Male

Much like Moka, he is nice to everyone he knows but doesn't mind being blind. He is very laid back and likes to take things slow and steady, enjoying every moment of whatever he is currently busy with. 

"Relative"  : Moka Amai

Best Friend ( s ) : Supikane Shisutamu, Souta Akamane, Suzume, Moka Amai, and KIRAN.

Jun Souon

Name : Jun Souon

Age : 15

Height : 5'3

Gender : Male

Full of himself but does think of others as below him. He likes to have his ego stroked and likes luxurious things. He is also rather unpredictable and loves a little trickery. He wishes Toshi and Seiki could be friends and tries to make Seiki understand that Toshi isn't as outspoken as she is. He likes catering to others and usually forgets to take care of himself.

Sibling: Souta Souon (older brother)

Best Friend ( s ) : Toshi Sasaki, Seiki Purane and Kagi Shourai.

Love Interest: Toshi Sasaki

Souta Souon

Name : Souta Souon

Age : 23

Height : 6'2

Gender : Male

He tries his best to be friendly, but always ends up in situations that causes him to become awkward and say things he didn't mean to say. He likes spicey food and comedic movies. He dislikes being pushed away and being distanced. He also tends to be serious about the most trivial of matters.

Sibling: Jun Souon (younger brother)

Best Friend ( s ) : Suzume.


Name : Adeline

Age : 8

Height : 4'2

Gender : Female

Adeline is an intelligent young lady and likes to be treated as one. She finds most activities boring and is restless to find something more amusing than the other. She dislikes when others call her a brat and secludes herself from other children, finding adults more interesting.

Best Friend ( s ) : Kerone and Toshi.